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What is shared data?

Shared data is a very simple idea. It means that businesses can have one phone bill and pay for a pool of data which is shared between multiple mobile devices. Sharing monthly data between multiple devices means those who use less data don’t get charged for wasted data that isn’t used. And at the other end of the spectrum, those who use more data don’t get bill shocks and overage charges because they can use this excess data from other members of the pool. For businesses with over 10x devices it’s also usually cheaper to sign up to data pool plans than individual plans.



Build a plan that's perfect for you


We will help you build a shared data plan that’s perfect for your business and budget. It’s easy to build your flexible, shared data plan. Available for 10 or more devices, you just need to pick the amount of data you need of between 1GB and 6TB.


Make international roaming easy

We know how hard it can be to stay on top of costs, especially when unexpected roaming and data charges pop up. That’s why our plans lets you use your data in our Europe Zones at no extra charge. You can even use them anywhere in our World Zone (that’s 97 countries, including the UAE, USA, Australia and China) for a small additional daily charge while you are abroad.

To make life simple, there’s nothing that you need to do - it all happens automatically as soon as you arrive at your destination and start using your device.