Connecting M2M devices globally with one SIM card using multiple networks

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Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) typically refers to “non human” communication between machines and devices. There are thousands, if not millions of M2M and IoT applications, including GPS trackers, remote sensors, remote control systems and alarm systems.

The common requirement for all M2M and IoT devices is that they need to be connected to their “home” base. This is so that the data they are acquiring can be sent back home and also so that commands and control messages can be sent to the device. There are numerous ways this can be achieved, but using the global GSM network is a common and convenient method of connecting devices to the internet.

Connectivity is normally achieved by inserting an M2M SIM card and configuring the device. Data then instantly flows from the device back to the home server where it can be saved, analysed and presented.

Premier's Global M2M SIM card makes connecting your devices quick and simple. There are no complex settings, configurations, policies, usage or lengthy monthly payment plans.

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