Business WiFi


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Business WIFI

Premier specialise in WiFi for Businesses. Whether you're a small business with a busy office, or a corporate facility with hundreds of employees, modern businesses are now almost wholly reliant on a stable, fast WiFi connection.

Our business WiFi solutions ensure your wireless networks are built around your individual company's needs.

As a Draytek Advanced Network Partner we provide and deploy, reliable, scale-able and technologically advanced wireless networks.


Business WiFi - Safe, Fast & Everywhere

Design, deployment and management of public-facing and corporate WiFi solutions

An agile workforce is a productive workforce. That’s why our WiFi connectivity empowers your people to work effectively – untethered by the network cables that tie them to their desks. Enabling them to get the things that matter done, regardless of where they are.

But fast, reliable WiFi isn’t just about boosting staff productivity. It’s about enhancing the experience of your customers and visitors too. Showing them you care by getting them online simply, swiftly, securely and reliably.