Business Printers & Copiers 


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Print & Copy Solutions


Buy, lease or rent, we have a print and copy solution for your business.


Partnering with all of the major manufacturers, we can facilitate print/copy and print management needs for every kind of business.

We now have a groundbreaking all inclusive plan that includes all print, toner, copy, service and maintenance in a fixed monthly fee. The total cost of ownership over 3 years is significantly lower than traditional managed print propositions.


Print & Copy

The photocopier is now more than just a photocopier. The photocopier is an integral part of any document workflow and indeed any document related workflow, whether it be a colour or a black and white device. At Premier we know and respect that the photocopier is an important part of day to day business and needs to be just "there" and needs to just "work".


You don't need the hassle of technology that doesn't work, what you do need is to have a partner who you can work with who will take this worry from you and who will provide you with a solution that works from the very beginning right through to the end.

What are my options?

 Printers can be purchased outright or financed via a lease. Due to the large investment associated with purchasing printers outright, many companies chose to lease printers, typically for three to five years.


A lease is a well-established, tax efficient way of financing printing equipment. When leasing a printer from Premier, you not only avoid the up-front costs of purchasing, but you also avoid the ad-hoc costs associated with machine breakdowns. We also include on site service, so you know that the printer will be maintained throughout the life of the contract to both purchased and leased devices.

Why choose us?

The most compelling reason is our industry leading all inclusive price plan - Just add paper!


For a fixed monthly fee we can provide a brand new, mainstream brand, high end business machine that includes all of your toner, all of your copies & scans, full next day support, and maintenance for the term of your agreement, providing your business with a fixed cost service instead of the traditional unfathomable copy machine monthly bills.