BT Cloud Voice. Solving challenges for businesses

In the workplace, communication is key. Whether it’s the office, shop floor or a construction site, fast and efficient communications are vital if you want to run a successful business. The best way to do that is with the latest technology. And you’ll be pushed to find anything much better than our BT Cloud Voice (CV) solutions.


CV is a unified communications service that can be tailored to your needs, regardless of where you are on the journey to IP communications. Whether you're ready for a full IP solution, or want to benefit from everything a hosted solution can deliver by connecting your PBX to the cloud, CV can help. With no capital investment needed and inclusive calls, you could be saving money in no time.


It’s quick and easy to set up and manage too, with everything provisioned from one easy-to-use online portal.


Security isn’t a concern either, as our hosted solutions are run on our highly resilient network with full immunity to fire, flood or damage, and come with our advanced fraud management system for free.




  • Competition from online and high street stores lead to intense pressure to reduce and manage costs.

  • Retailers must provide a consistently high experience across all channels – multiple stores, online and call centres.

  • Employees struggle answering calls while simultaneously assisting in-store customers.

  • Difficulty separating out calls about store hours and products. Old PBX systems make it hard to screen out calls from competitors collecting current pricing information.

  • A need for real-time communications across multiple sites.

  • Disparate PBX estates cost more to maintain and result in an inconsistent image.




  • Cloud Voices’s Auto Attendant routes incoming calls to the correct staff or to information about operating hours, reducing caller wait times.

  • Calls can be routed to staff based on their expertise so they can help customers in store.

  • For multi-store retailers, Cloud Voice enables calls to be answered within a few rings by staff anywhere, on any device.

  • Call Detail Records let retailers review after-hours calls.

  • The Push-to-Talk feature enables staff to communicate instantly between extensions.

  • Using Wi-Fi, the UC Office App lets staff use their own device and benefit from free calls, plus at-a-glance presence availability status of colleagues.

  • In-store Wi-Fi can also be used by customers to research their desired products.

  • On-site cordless solutions can help in communications.